What Is the Profession Considered?

interior design

What Is the Profession Considered?

Interior design is the science and art of improving the interior of a structure to create a healthier and more esthetically pleasing surroundings for those who use the space. An interior designer is a person who plans, researches and coordinates these improvement projects. The term interior design is used broadly to describe many distinct areas of interior design, including but not limited to the visual arts, architecture, interior decoration, furniture, carpet, painting, wall coverings, windows, lighting, furniture, and interior staging. Interior designers also work in real estate, helping to make buildings and neighborhoods more attractive to potential buyers. In the 21st century, interior design is considered an art form and discipline that is generally concerned with the promotion of health, comfort and environmental performance.

In the early years of their creation, interior design was concerned with the integration of human needs and desires with the aesthetics of the surrounding environment. This art form emerged from several different areas of study. Architectural historians have identified a number of different styles or architectural forms, including the ancient Greek, the Gothic, the Roman, the French, the Gothic Revival, and the Chinese. Various Schools of Interior Design were created to provide training to the public on how to improve the design of their homes. Throughout the nineteenth and twentieth century, interior design became one of the fastest growing fields in the United States.

Over the years, the interior design profession experienced many changes, as new trends emerged and other professions began to take advantage of the profession’s advances. For example, in the late twentieth century, the automobile came into focus as an important component of the interior design profession. Carpets, upholstery, and fabric covered furniture all became important accessories to the interior of automobiles, which required trained personnel to install, repair, and enhance the products.

Because interior design is such a dynamic profession, there has been a tendency over the past few decades to move the focus of the profession from conventional small rooms to larger spaces. In fact, the idea of home expansion has become one of the core goals of the profession, which has led to the creation of large apartment buildings and condominiums. The explosion of multi-unit dwellings has also made interior design services more in demand. The interior design profession includes professionals who specialize in planning, designing, implementing, and maintaining the space planning, decorating, and furnishing of any type of interior space.

One of the most innovative approaches to interior design is to combine the arts and the sciences. In recent years, the application of textile science and horticulture to interior decoration has become commonplace. The interior decorators can incorporate the results of scientific research in the field of aesthetics, in order to produce a beautiful, functional, and attractive interior decoration. This process of interdisciplinary collaboration has produced remarkable works of art, such as the Horseshoe Arch, a textile fountain, and the Spinning Wheel, an ingenious carpet weaving machine. In addition, computer technology, design software, fabric provisioning, textile machinery, and lighting have all been applied to produce aesthetic results.

This highly creative profession requires the interior designers to use their creativity, artistic ability, knowledge of the subject, technical skills, physical ability, and interpersonal skills in combining science and art in home decoration. Interior designers are able to express themselves in a variety of ways in their professions, which make them appealing to a wide variety of clients. Their creativity is reflected in their work and often they will take an idea and run with it, taking one look at the space and coming up with several new ideas for decorating that are both original and spectacular. In essence, interior designers are able to transform any space into an inviting and comfortable place to live.