Jobs in Furniture and Decoration

What do Furniture and Decoration graduates do? Graduates study the interior design or manufacturing project prepared by the interior designer. They analyze the existing resources to work on the production, design the product of the item and determine if the design is feasible or check if the project is already prepared. The graduates look into the existing resources as well as plan the use of materials available to fabricate the product. This also includes the calculation of space use for the product and its placement.

After graduation, they can opt to enter the industry in furniture-related fields such as manufacturing, retail, and promotions. Furniture and Decoration graduates also study the current marketing strategies used in the industry. They are given marketing strategies classes wherein they learn how to create marketing strategies through social media, website, print, television, and radio. These marketing strategies are very effective if you understand them. This will also enhance your Furniture and Decoration career.

After graduation, you can find a number of jobs in the furniture-decoration industry. You can work at home, hotels, restaurants, furniture stores, and cruise ships. You can also work in advertising agencies, furniture companies, departmental stores, bookstores, fashion houses, universities, museums, and other institutions. You can work as an interior designer for hotel or restaurant furnishing services or furniture companies. You can also work as a social media manager for a company’s social media marketing campaigns.

If you have your mind set on working in the Furniture and Decoration industry, you can find a lot of job openings online. These include positions in advertising agencies, decorating companies, furniture companies, and marketing firms. You may also start your own furniture-decoration consultancy firm. You can be an interior designer or a landscape gardener. You can even start your own line of furniture and decoration products.

The most lucrative options for Jobs in the furniture and decoration industry include being a portfolio buyer for large retail chains. If you have your own store, you can buy and sell vintage or hard-to-find antiques. You can also become a supplier for a myriad of retailers and manufacturers. A lot of small boutique companies also need reliable staff for their online stores.

A great option for Jobs in the Furniture and Decoration industry is to become a furniture appraiser. If you are good with statistics, this could be a great opportunity. Furniture and Decoration appraisers analyze individual items, such as tables, chairs, beds, and couches to determine their value based on age, condition, and price. You will receive accurate reports that tell you how much the furniture is worth. Appraisals are a terrific way to make a living and add prestige to your name.