Great New Home Decorating Tips

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Great New Home Decorating Tips

Home decorating can be a challenge because it involves so many different kinds of patterns and styles. However, following a few basic principles can make decorating a home fun and interesting. It’s not too hard to transform a dull room into a space that encourages relaxation and creativity. These simple guidelines will make transforming a room into an interesting space easy and fun:

An easy tip for interior decorating is to apply the same interior design style to the inside and exterior of your home. If you have an architectural home design style such as craftsman or ranch, heavy, dark wood pieces, straight, neat lines and lots of rich earth colors work well. To achieve this look in your living room simply choose similar woodshed wall treatments, such as dark-stained marbled floors and dark-colored distressed wooden panels, and select coordinating rugs and pillows. With an architectural home design style such as ranch or craftsmen, dark, heavy wood pieces with straight lines work well.

The Victorian style evokes romance and natural beauty and gives a warm and relaxing atmosphere. To achieve a Victorian feel in your home decorating, choose Victorian accessories, such as wrought iron candle holders with engraved accents, antique picture frames, modern chandeliers and curtain rods in white or ivory, old-fashioned sofas with plush cushions and velvet curtains, and throw pillows with floral motifs and plump doilies. To finish off the look of your Victorian home decorating style, apply stenciling to your walls or use paint to create a vintage look on your furniture.

An interior design style known as minimalist is characterized by sleek, straight lines and bright color. Minimalists like to paint their walls a single color and use textures like linen or polished wood for furniture. In contrast to the country theme, minimalists have a playful sense of humor with playful paintings and functional, uncluttered furnishings. Because it’s easy to incorporate a minimalistic interior design style into your home decorating, you may want to choose more cheery and cheerful coordinating accents, such as throw pillows with flower images on them, vases filled with fresh greens or red roses, or vases painted with playful cartoon characters. If you are going with this home decorating theme, keep in mind that there are some accessories, like whimsical clocks or figurines, that can offset the bright, bold colors of your interior design and add to its charm.

When you are choosing the design style you would like to use in your new home decorating, consider how much light you need and where the windows are located. Windows must be viewed in the correct direction from every angle. If you have an interior design style that focuses on the outdoors, like country decor, you will want to choose window treatments that complement, rather than overpower, the decor. For example, a dark stained velvet window shade may not be the best match for a light-colored couch and lamps. The windows should also be positioned in areas with plenty of natural light, such as on the northern wall or balcony, if you plan to use candles in your new home decorating scheme.

Another important home decorating tip is that if you choose to hire a professional decorator to help you with your new home decorating, make sure that the decorator is experienced in coordinating interior design themes. The last thing you want is to have a finished interior design theme that does not coordinate with whatever it is that you have decided to do. The easiest way to find a reputable home decorating professional is to ask people you know for names of companies they might recommend. Another option is to read reviews of different decorators online to learn that professional companies have good feedback from their customers.