Marketing Strategies for Furniture and Decoration Companies

Furniture and Decoration

Marketing Strategies for Furniture and Decoration Companies

There are many exciting areas of furniture and decoration that one can explore on their own, or with the assistance of an interior decorator. One of these is social media marketing. Social media has created a new avenue for marketing products and services to a large audience, which in turn can drive large amounts of traffic to a retailer’s website. The key to effective social media is creating a niche for the company, then finding methods of sharing information about the company through various social media platforms. Here are some of these effective social media strategies for the furniture and decoration industry:

YouTube. A popular social media venue for businesses seeking to spread the word about their business is YouTube. The website allows consumers to upload videos about what they are doing, such as decorating a house, and then allows other users to comment on the videos and rate them. Creating a video can be as simple as recording a commercial for a local pizza shop and uploading the resulting footage to the website. Using YouTube as a means of promotion for furniture stores is simple; all it takes is an effective ad, followed by a link to the furniture store’s website. This strategy can be used to market not only standard furniture pieces, but also small decorative items like mirrors and lampshades.

Interior Designers. Furniture and decoration stores are ideal places for hiring interior designers who can create a variety of advertisements for the store. These ads can feature images of the store’s products, showcasing the store’s various designs and colors. Another great idea is to create posters that feature the company’s logo, which can be hung on walls and inside the store. Interior design is another lucrative area for advertising thanks to the ever-growing number of interior design schools in cities around the world.

Google Search Engines. Google is currently one of the biggest players in the online search market, and the company’s ability to generate buzz about new products and services is second to none. For furniture and decoration businesses, this means generating buzz through Google’s various search engine marketing strategies for the furniture and decoration industry. A company can create a buzz by featuring advertisements on its Google+ page, which has a feature that allows users to share anything they’ve found with the whole world. The same strategy can be used for other business-related pages, such as news feeds.

Ad Posters. The promotion of new furniture and decoration products can take place best when large posters and billboard advertisements are put up in high-traffic locations. However, since large posters do not have the same impact as billboards and television ads, many furniture and decoration companies have started using the power of Google’s advertising programs to promote their products. Google’s AdSense program works perfectly for the furniture and decoration business, allowing ads to be displayed on a website if visitors click on the ad.

Google+ Business Pages. While Google has not directly promoted the furniture and decoration sector, it has allowed other businesses to promote themselves through its social media marketing strategies for the furniture and decoration industry. For example, several restaurants in the UK have created their own Google+ businesses page, which features recipes, restaurant reviews, and other information relevant to the furniture and decoration industry. This strategy has been used by several other businesses, such as an insurance agency and an engineering firm.