Furniture and Decorating by Mary Taylor

The Book of Furniture and Decoration is probably one of the most comprehensive and colorful guides to home decoration that you’ll ever come across. Beautifully illustrated, with easy to read legibility, this fascinating vintage publication is an invaluable source for the antique collector as well as the casual decorator. Thoroughly Recommended for the avid antiquarian’s library.

Furniture and Decoration

The Book of Furniture and Decoration offers over one hundred full-color pictures of various periods of decorating from medieval times right down to the present day. Beautifully illustrated with fine art scenes depicting medieval bedroom sets, this book offers a wealth of information on how to dress, arrange, and furnish your home. It gives helpful suggestions about wall hangings, lighting, window coverings, and the proper types of furniture to be chosen for any room or area. The author, Elisabeth Kubler-Ross, is a graduate of the Harvard College of Art. She is an experienced consultant on interior design and a member of the American Society of Interior Designers.

The Book of Furniture and Decoration is extremely informative, clear, and concise, offering a wealth of detail and interesting images of interior decorating from all periods. Each page contains a detailed description, and many illustrations to help the reader learn the various aspects of decorating. Colorful photos show many types of furniture being used during different periods. A few charts illustrate different decorating schemes, helping the student to plot out their own plans for decorating their home.

The book starts off with an introduction on how furniture and decorating are related and reinforce each other. Then follows with an extended discussion on the role of furniture in society. The author then delves into the ancient Egyptians’ decorating style and how it applies to Western cultures today. She concludes with modern styles and how they have changed with the advent of interior design.

The book includes fifty short chapters on various topics such as using color effectively, decorating with furniture, proper shelving and storage, and how to make a space look larger than it actually is. The sixty chapters cover every aspect of furniture and decorating from the practical to the exotic. Each chapter begins with an explanation of the concept and then gives helpful tips on how to apply the material to your space. It even has a short glossary of terms, a table of contents, and a table of contents list with the chapter links listed at the end. An index is also included, which makes finding information easier throughout the book.

I especially like that the book is easy to read and contains very clear writing style. The format is also convenient with a large font to easily spot the different sections. The photographs included are of high quality, which help to make the text easier to understand. The book also comes with a CD-ROM that provides a wealth of information about decorating. It includes how to select decorating themes, fabrics, painting techniques, and decorating accessories.